I'm an illustrator, animator, designer and daydreamer - I always have been. The margins of my school books were littered with monsters from my imagination, a habit I’ve yet to kick.
My Dad suggested that even though drawing was all I wanted to do, I still needed to earn a wage, so I studied Graphic Design. I then followed my heart, completing a Post Graduate Certificate in Animation and Multimedia, so that my monsters from the margins could come to life.
For the first ten years post university, I worked for advertising houses and multimedia agencies as an interactive designer. For the past ten years I’ve been running my own Graphic design business, Picta Creative* - where I’ve focused on education and environment projects (another passion of mine).  Many clients have appreciated my ability to utilise illustration and animation to bring their projects to life.
I live in an old ‘Wendy House’** by the sea, (with my fella and two terrific kids), where currently I’m neglecting parenting and household duties to focus on my graphic novel. It’s called ‘The Curator’ and is set in one of my favourite spaces- the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks to a grant from Creative Victoria last year, the project is now in its final stages, and I’m looking forward to getting it published.
*‘Picta’ is a Latin word meaning ‘To paint or depict.’ It’s also used in science to label plants, which I think is cool.
** a ‘Wendy house’ is the small house that Peter Pan built around Wendy Darling when she was shot by one of the Lost Boys.
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